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The hero of the house right? Working alongside Dani Reilly and her team at Manna Made, this stunning kitchen was brought to life by Vision Interior Fitouts. The brief was to create a clean, modern and progressive kitchen that would woo any visitor. Whilst incorporating natural, rustic materials, the kitchen should scream style but have storage for days. A stunning 3m long island bench with a single piece of Livio from CDK stone as the surface. Elba is carried out through the laundry too. The cabinetry colour is Western Myall, finished in a two-pack. The week before Xmas, our wonderful stone masons from Stonelux managed to save the day and install the benchtops in the kitchen and laundry area!

We carried on the black and white tiles (Revival from National Tiles), onto the splashback in the kitchen and the laundry area, those are found mostly in the bathrooms. The bathroom has integrated appliances and a lovely 900mm farm oven. There is a stunning farm sink and an exquisite tap, both from Reece. With all of those elements together, including the old fashioned, original, wood burning stove (no longer in operation), the balance between farm, modern, rustic and style has been perfectly achieved here.

country house facelift, reece, farmsink, farm house, tapware

The original laundry area was a brick outhouse that served no real purpose other than a garden shed. To add a layer of comfort to the lifestyle, a walk in pantry/laundry was created, reclaiming unused space. The Travertine flooring spans into the laundry- on the left side you have a full laundry with storage, appliances and the revival tiles. On the right hand side, we created a full pantry with floor to ceiling storage. It's a very special area, capped off with energy efficient washer/dryer units from Haier. These machines are some of the best on the market and can handle a big family's laundry needs pretty easily. Being a heat pump dryer, the energy usage is next to nothing and the 9kg washer is very water efficient - great for tank water!

Country House Facelift, Haier, washing machine, heat pump dryer, laundry, annies farmhouse
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