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The house underwent a few strategic changes that helped with not only the aesthetic, but also the basic functionality. Things such as increasing the water tank storage capacity. An original old tank held around 20,000l of rain water from the roof with only one side of the roof plumbed in to catch the rain. With the installation of a second 25,000 litre tank and the entire roof surface now collecting rain, both tanks fill and overflow after a few heavy rain days. No water has been purchased since the upgrade. However, to make the water free of pesticides, mud, dead frogs and bacteria that could make you sick, we installed a whole house water filter from Great Water Filters. This filters water down to an astonishing 1micron. Perfect for town or rain water purity.

Lighting design was carefully considered for this home. Walt's worst nightmare is a bare oyster light in the middle of a room. In fact its mood lighting all the way for his fine tastes! Teaming up with Lights Lights Lights, their experts created a lighting plan that was modern, whilst paying homage to the principal era of the house. Beautiful orb lights, strategically placed downlights and some ultra cool and very modern uplighters help you create whatever mood you need through various options. There is also a great track light that allows you to move lights to where they're most needed. Aaaannnd, lets not forget those stunning exterior lights!

Annies Farmhouse, country house facelift, kaden, kaden air, ducted heating, ducted cooling

The project tried to hire as many local trades as possible. Renovating through the pandemic, with global material shortages and lack of available trades was very tough. However there were some key players who dedicated and found time to return at various stages despite the current work loads and business climate. I also engaged trades from Melbourne who again, found time to drive over 2 hours and work solid days on the build. We are truly grateful for their support.

Principal Builder: DPV Construction

Consultant: Lonsdale Building Group

Additional Building works: Mundie Constructions

Electrical: Mark Ovens Electrical

Plumbing: Nathan West Plumbing

Plasterer: Paul Walsh

Tiling: Timber Check

Principal Carpentry: Frameworks Carpentry

Cabinate Makers: Vision Interior Fitouts

Stone Masons: Stonelux

Irrigation: Grant Shawcross

Skip Bin Hire: Bin It Echuca

And this look, feel and product specification is thanks to the wonderful team at Manna Made, who offered design and consult to the project. Dani Reilly x

Country House Facelift, Annies Farmhouse, Timbercheck Carpentry
Country House Facelift Walt Collins.JPG
Mark ovens electrical, kaden air, heating, country house facelift, annies farmhouse
country house facelift, annies farmhouse,
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